1. Good day Thembisile Dzonzi, my name is Itumeleng a Hip Hop artist from Tembisa, i just saw a pic that you took on your blog and i would like to request to use the pic taken in Tembisa as part of my artwork for a single that i am about to release called “Boy From The 1632” Your feedback would be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards


  2. Hi Thembi.
    My name is Karabelo Mahlatsi and I am the Creative Media Marketer at Child Academy Programmes Combined School in Igqagqa Section, Tembisa. We are an Independent Combined School and have been educating for 21 years now and I feel we have not gotten the proper recognition as an Academic Institution. I would like to ask if it was possible for me to invite to this school to do a review on it and let us and the public know more about “According to Thembi”. We would love to have you share your views on our school.
    I am looking forward to your response and hopefully you consider it, thank you.

    Please feel free to browse through our website: http://www.childacademy.org for more information on our school or where to find us.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Karabelo

      Thank you for reaching out. Apologies for the delayed response, I haven’t monitored this blog for some time now. This blog began as a part of my assessment criteria for my Journalism degree. Can you kindly reach out to me at thembzd@gmail.com with more detail on your request



  3. Hi Thembi

    Hope my comment finds you well.

    You have said a lot about Tembisa but you omitted the theatre industry. Tembisa has internationally acclaimed theatre practitioners and television actors and always we write about Tembisa we don’t touch on the theatre industry. I wish sometimes you visit Moses Molelekwa Art Centre, Ekurhuleni and Gauteng Departments of Arts and Culture and ask about state of community theatre in Tembisa.


    Oupa China Malatjie
    Theatre and Television
    Playwright, Actor and Director


    • Hi Oupa
      Thank you for your feedback. This blog was part of my academic assessment in 2015 and mostly based on my knowledge and experience. I’m happy to update with any more info and detail on Tembisa and the theatre industry you may have. You can send me a submission at thembzd@gmail.com



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