Airing out your dirty laundry

Please Step In
Mzansi Magic
DStv channel 161


Hello South Africa, here is a new show to help you deal with the problems you couldn’t deal with on your own.

With the launch of a new family reality series Please Step In, Mzansi Magic is putting its focus into helping family members resolve challenges and problems they may have with a particular member of their group.

Most black people adhere to the idea that any problem in their home should be dealt with within the confines of the household and by the relevant elders. Well at least that’s what I thought.

Perhaps it’s 2015, times are a changin’ , your problems aren’t yours alone, they are for the thousands of television viewers around the country to psychoanalyse for 30 on a Tuesday evening. Why not, it’s good television isn’t it?

The series which will be hosted by familiar faces, counsellor Angie “Mama Angie” Diale, and renowned community leader Dosto Noge has a familiarity to it. Playing the role of social crusaders, the pair take on family disputes with the sass and vigour for resolution we’ve come to know them for.

Since its debut, Please Step In has raised some important social issues that many South Africans are face almost.

What its also managed to do is raise eyebrows with some of the bizarre twist in stories that seemed to be minor conflicts at face value.

It’s important to note that despite the fact that shows like this are positioned to fix and heal a nation, it falls through the craps when it comes to the feasibility of a positive outcome.

Getting people to address and discuss their problems and acknowledge their differences doesn’t necessarily mean they are resolved.

At the end of each episode, the participants make promises to change but a reflection of the outcomes always sees them return to their old ways.

As cynical as all of this may seem, it’s hard not to be. Please Step In may be a first for Mzansi Magic, but it’s nothing new for the South African audience. Forgive and Forget, Relate, and now more recently Uthatako, have all been come along to heal the nation.

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